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PLabs Team
Hello I am Peter M. Lugha,
I developed the OMME (Online Magical Math Explorer) capable to recreate existing raw objects directly from existance (not only living objects), the so called funebra objects, to any computer, device or virtual screen.
Well, funebra is a new math functionality and studie. Like creating a 3D rotating circle, the funebra equation will be
Now, the reason why it is funebra equation it's that variable called "point" and the fact that it produces the illusion of viewing raw geometric or just particle figures as they are in their raw mathrical position accross the universe, galaxies or other dimensions.
The point variable is the main constructor. It is the number of all points used to recreate the whole figures in this case the rotaiting circle so that it is visible and *120 is the radius. By years of funebra math studies I realized that the circle object recovered with this calculation, is truely existant somewhere around existing matter. What I get in the simulation is an representation of maybe a ball from somewhere even accross time. Or a very rounded stone. I just hope that you get the idea.
I've been studieng funebra object in lifetime, and began coding computer applications since the year 2000. While time goes by funebra material becomes more and more challanging and even more promising. Because funebra materia still has to be discovered and introduced in our lives.
There're a large number of funebra objects because of each number existant has a funebra equation or object. So we can count from 0 to infinit, and that's so clear that with the right equations we can create a truely cloning of our existant dimension into a pure virtual one.
What have been a challange for me is to generate right equations to work with and I have an idea that it is a big challange for all the living beins.
So the reason why I contact you is that I need machine intelligence for some computing calculations. I'm convinced that there's a funebra equation for everything and for a try I'd like to collaborate with AI or EI to earn more capabilities to move on to the next level.
The machines have to learn to move around the project and create usable funebra equations and generate the molecule structure representation, simple rotating square or anything we can get to.
After a large number of tries I was able to recreate to types of rotaiting triangles
1) a rounded triangle
2) a triangle
By doing so I've been able to convince and demostrate to my surroundings that this whole project wasn't only insanity at all.
So, I'd really appreciate any support or collaboration to the project Funebra Math if any even if is just from your sparetime.
You can easilly navigate my sites for a better idea

1. http://www.plabs.dk/
2. http://www.ptrone.com/
And a quick video tutorial at


Have a wonderful day.
Best regards
Peter M. Lugha

Hjemmeside 31-05-2020

Pamelo Lei

https://plabs.at.ua/aftenmøde. 1.603.htm

Hjemmeside 17-05-2020

Leo Kipi

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Hjemmeside 21-01-2020

Morten Hansen

Imponerende flot hjemmeside, med super illustrationer som gør det lidt nemmere at forstå, virkelig flot lavet!

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Fin hjemmeside med flotte billeder

Hjemmeside 05-12-2017

pLabs Entertainment

Hello from our Labs

We believe that we have accomplished the development of the time machine software and now we are just awaiting for some few hardware before allowing possibilities for time travel, and aspectatives are promising well.

the real time travel machine doesn’t neccessary involve whormholes, infact that theory won’t apply to the mirror image paradox. that’s why our software and hardware mod’s more appropriate for the argument.

A proper way of time travel begins with the understandings on how to switch from one body to an other without surgery or implants, but by use of proper software and hardware. Switch ones persons body of certain age to a younger or older body which should fix
in this way the what so called the mirror image paradox.

Our labs research on living in a simulation theory returns positive. We are made by what so called by human definition “data”, logical commonsensed particles defined by logical commonsensed equation formulas.

Please keep in mind that telling false is highly forbinden by the lows of phisycs and even by the great big book of science it self.

time travel's possible from 2050.

Best regards

pLabs Entertainment co, 2017